We’re always keen to hear from our customers with regards to our services. They help us get even better at what we do and are sure they will give you confidence in our workmanship. We’ll use this page to include any Testimonials for MP Walden Electrical Ltd that we receive.

Latest Reviews


“Matty, was quick to respond and then provided great advice and completed the work in a timely fashion. I am very happy with the solution I have and highly recommend this firm.”

Tim Flower – September 2023



“Matt is highly professional, knowledgeable and delivers to a high standard. He replaced our consumer unit, rectified complex faults within the house and installed a new outdoor circuit while working around a family household. I highly recommend his services.”

Adrian George – August 2023


MP Walden Simpson & Partners EV Charger install


“We first used Matt’s services when he installed a Simpson & Partners EV charger. He was meticulous doing a site survey for us, making sure the unit was well positioned and the cabling met our needs. Matt arrived promptly and was a very clean and organised workman. We felt the pricing was reasonable and all relevant paperwork and certifications completed as part of the process. Matt is a very pleasant and courteous individual who responds quickly to queries by email, and therefore we would highly recommended him.”

Carolyn Bedford – August 2023

Easee Home Charge Point Installation (Nov ’21)

“My requirement was to install a home charge point for a new Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). I had a location in mind and had chosen a possible brand and model of charger before Matt Walden conducted his site survey.

During the survey I was impressed by Matt’s knowledge of the whole range of EV Charging System requirements for a successful installation, from the connection to the electricity network and the application and approvals process, through to the features available on various chargers, their control and how they interacted with the vehicle. He was also very professional in his information gathering about the state of the electrical supply and installation at my home, so that it was possible to have a discussion about my preferred charger in the light of my requirements and installation circumstances. It turned out that we had both identified the Easee Home charging system as being highly suitable to meet my needs and with being compatible with the installation requirements.

The choice of Easee Home was based on my requirement for a long term lasting solution to meet the possible need to charge fully electric vehicles in the future. The Easee Home solution also allows additional charge robots to be installed and load shared so that multiple vehicles could be charged simultaneously if required, as may occur with guests visiting. There is also the option to increase the supply to a separate 3 phase feed if required to boost charging performance for large EV battery or multiple vehicles. I particularly like the near field sensor which I use with a key fob to activate the charger when I connect my vehicle so that unauthorised use is prevented.

The installation went very smoothly and is a very neat and easy to use solution to my requirement. I am very pleased with the result and thoroughly recommend M P Walden Electrical Ltd as EV Charge Point installers and Easee Home as a versatile charge point solution.”

B Fisher

West Berkshire