Home EV Charging Points – all you need to know

If you have decided to buy an electric (or hybrid) vehicle, or perhaps you’ve already bought one, then you’re already a part of the future of transport. It’s a great move.  You’re not only helping to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You’re also going to benefit from cheaper running costs, maintenance costs and some serious benefits from a tax perspective. If you’ve gone fully electric, then gone are the days of filling up at the petrol station. You’ll be hooking up to the bank of electric chargers allocated in parking spaces in an ever-growing number of Supermarkets and businesses across the nation.

This is not necessarily the cheapest option for you though (although compared to traditional fuels it’s much more cost effective). As these businesses are providing a service, they’ll also want to make something from it so the charging rate will be higher than if you could supply your own. That’s why so many people are now looking at home EV charging points. These smart chargers are not only cheaper to use but have developed technologically over the last few years to provide easier ways to operate, better information on usage and advice on the best times to charge.

What is a smart charger?

Previously, many EV charger manufacturers have stated they produce smart units. Often this was based only on the ability of the charger to provide customers with energy usage data. Bu that all changed when, in 2019, OZEV changed the rules to state the following:

‘Charge points must be able to be remotely accessed, and capable of receiving, interpreting, and reacting to a signal. Smart charging can reduce peaks in electricity demand, reducing the impact of electric vehicles on the electricity system and keeping costs down for consumers by encouraging off-peak charging’.

Home EV Charging points

How does this benefit you as a buyer?

Well it means the unit must allow for “smart” functionality. This means the unit can communicate with a computer or other back office system. This allows the unit to be remotely accessed and capable of receiving commands.

As a home user the communication will happen via your home wi-fi network. In fact, wireless connection is a requirement for OZEV grants. (So, when considering purchasing one of the questions you will be asked by your installer is the location of your router and the strength of your wi-fi signal where it will be located). If your signal strength is weak in your desired location, don’t panic. The purchase and installation of a wi-fi booster will ensure the charger connects.

For ease of use, many units will come with an app. This will be a manufacture designed and supported app and will connect to the charger, via internet or Bluetooth, to enable communication and additional functions to be accessed. They are generally incredibly easy to use and work on the same basis as the growing number of smart devices being used around the home.

We're on hand to give you advice

MP Walden Electrical Ltd are Government approved registered installers of home EV charging points, as well as commercial chargers. We’re partnered with several EV Charger manufacturers, giving our customers the best choice of EV charger based on the needs and preferences. Currently we work with Simpson & Partners, Easee, Ohme, Hypervolt and  myenergi for domestic installations.

We believe the ability to use your EV charger with any electric vehicle is the best solution for our customers. So, all the manufacturers we work with give you the ability to do just that with their chargers. There are sometimes anomalies when it comes to what tariff your electric comes on e.g. Octopus. In this case your charger may need an additional Ohme charger fitted alongside your existing charger.  If this is the case we are approved installers for Ohme and can ensure you have the right hardware in place to get your EV charging up and running.

If you’re at the point of making your first EV purchase, looking to replace a unit or would simply want more information on the subject, you can find more information here or why not give us a call, we’re always happy to help!